GBG Fund Projects

Hurricane aftermath in the Philippines

The GBG Fund has its roots in the financial world.  Founder Andy Thorburn was the Chairman and CEO of GBG, the international insurance company, and his commitment to microfinance long pre-dates the inception of the Fund itself.

Capitalizing on that expertise was a logical starting point for the Fund and incorporating mechanisms such as Gifts In Kind (GIK) an obvious tool to help maximize the impact across a wide range of humanitarian initiatives.

From the outset projects were selected that would achieve the most impact.  Utilizing contacts and corporate connections the Fund was able to leverage millions of dollars’ worth of goods to important humanitarian causes.

Key projects have included facilitating medical kits valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars to the National Health Service in Ghana, participating in the supply of emergency medical products and mobile clinics to Libya valued at over $2 million and responding to the tropical storm relief effort in Mindanao in the Philippines.

Refugees arriving on the island of Lesbos, picture by Sergey Ponomarev (New York Times)
World Aids Day in Myanmar, picture by Soe Zeya Tun and Lauren DeCicca

Additionally literacy projects in Haiti, the rebuilding and equipping of a teaching hospital in Belgrade, and a well digging and bore-hole program in Myanmar are just a few more examples of the diverse program initiatives.

Most recently a health clinic in Htee Village Tract in Myanmar was financed and completed by the GBG Fund.

Although the focus of the GBG Fund is clearly directed at the world of microfinance, unique projects and emergency response initiatives will always be a part of the fund’s worldview.

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