About Us

How we got started

Andy and Karen Thorburn have been married for over 35 years and during that time raised a family and built a business. Global Benefits Group (GBG), is now an international publicly traded insurance company that has its roots firmly planted in developing countries, where much of the original business came from.
It was their experiences in emerging markets that prompted Andy and Karen to engage in philanthropic projects in the 1980’s and which in turn led to the establishing of a 501c3 non-profit foundation in 2011.

Today the original vision to support small businesses and entrepreneurs, sole traders and their families continues. A growing microloan portfolio along with a developing micro-insurance program and emergency response grant initiative (GIK), make up the core activities of the GBG Fund.

Our Mission

To provide microloans and micro-insurance services to entrepreneurs, small business owners and sole traders in developing countries, to help build their businesses and ensure secure sustainable incomes.

What we are

The GBG Fund is a microfinance donor agency committed to supporting workers, their families and communities in developing countries by providing micro finance services including micro loans and micro insurance along with humanitarian emergency response initiatives.

Our Programs

Micro Loans

The GBG Fund began a microloan initiative in 2014 supported entirely by GBG staff and friends and hosted on the Kiva platform. The project rapidly evolved and following a recent board decision, the microloan fund has become the priority initiative of the GBG Fund.  To date it has extended 384 loans in over 65 countries and set itself a target of $500,000 in active loans. 

Micro Insurance

GBG Fund is a partnering supporter and donor to the UN International Labour Organization (ILO) Insurance Capacity Building Program. Additionally, through the GBG Fund’s parent organization Global Benefits Group, it continues to develop micro insurance solutions for low-income workers in emerging economies, where social protections are limited or absent.

Humanitarian Response

Humanitarian crises whether man-made or natural, all share a common, urgent need for goods and supplies. The GBG Fund provides small grant donations to NGO’s responding to crises and helps fund Gift in Kind (GIK) donations to acquire and ship urgently needed goods to crisis stricken areas.

Partners and Friends