A Micro Finance Donor Agency

providing microloans and micro-insurance services

to small businesses and sole traders in developing countries

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The Philosophy: In a time of staggering wealth inequality,

when 1% of the population owns 50% of the planet’s riches and resources;

creating opportunity becomes the true purpose of philanthropy.

Micro Loans

Sustainable incomes begin with access to basic financial services.

This simple idea underlies the principle that has driven the micro-finance focus of the GBG Fund since it first began a microloan initiative in 2014. 

Building businesses, investing in sole trader enterprises and supporting people without access to traditional financial services, is at the heart of the philanthropic focus of the GBG Fund.

Micro Insurance

The GBG Fund is committed to helping low-income people manage risk and avoid the debt traps associated with daily and catastrophic events. 

We believe that micro-insurance services provide the best mechanism for people to manage their own financial destinies and create the security they need.

That’s why the GBG Fund is a partnering supporter and donor to the UN International Labour Organization and ILO Insurance Capacity Building Program.

million microloan borrowers worldwide

billion microloan credit portfolio

billion people still have no access to financial institutions

The data and statistics referred to on this site relating to global wealth and access to financial institutions and microfinance, come from a number of different sources. These include, Credit Suisse, the OXFAM poverty report presented at Davos 2018, The Guardian Newspaper, BNP Paris Bas, Inequality.org and the

Convergence Micro Finance Barometer.